After over 100 weddings, being included in countless families, incredible adventures, and endless amounts of laughs; we gratefully announce that we are shooting our last weddings of our career in 2019. This journey has been one that has taken me, and us, places I never thought possible and then in the same vein, kept us in the beautiful backyard of our beloved Charlotte, NC. We still have some spots left, and we would love for you to be a part of this legacy. Because, dear friend, we both believe the same thing; you want something real. And real is what we’re here to preserve. No fluff, no frill, just beautiful photography that is unequivocally¬†you.

      Whitney and Matt

      I was a little nervous about being photographed through all of this because I'm not a model and I didn't want anything to look too staged or uncomfortable. I was floored when I saw the finished images and loved how he was able to capture our true selves and the nature of our relationship.

      Haley and Andrew

      There are so many amazing things that I could say about Brian. It is evident that he has an eye for what he does, but the fact that he takes it to the next level is what sets him apart from the rest. Brian brings it to that next level by becoming a part of your family on that day. The way he captured our special day was unreal. We will hold these pictures close to us for the years to come.

      Ivey and Andrew

      I think it goes without saying that Brian's images are absolutely stunning (his portfolio = WOW), but from a personal point-of-view, what makes the images so special is how he captured such intimate and real moments; my husband and I will truly treasure them forever! Choose Brian for your wedding (or any event really) will not regret it.