Frequently Asked Questions
      How does this work?

      We will talk, handle some logistics, and then schedule a day for your engagement session. These are meant to be day long adventures, something that takes you out of your comfort zone and puts you in an adventurous environment to help build trust between the 3 of us (4 if my sweet Hannah gets to comes along). That, or we build a day shooting around what means the most to you, in your home, at your favorite coffee shop, or even the park where he proposed. We'll eat delicious food, drink good coffee, have some amazing inside jokes and laughter, and create something beautiful. If you're out of state then we'll come to you and we can go on an adventure near you. From there, we'll be in touch, we'll shoot your wedding, and have a blast through all of it.

      Do you both shoot? Are you a team?

      In life, yes. 100%. We believe we're doing this life together which means that we include each other in all aspects of our individual life to make our married life that much better. This business is now an evolution of what I, Brian, started nearly a decade ago. Hannah comes alongside you, makes you feel comfortable, has a camera in hand around 65-75% of the time (especially for the important stuff), and the rest she's catering to you to make sure that you've got everything you need. She's become vital to this process and has brought in something beautiful to this business, so much so that I didn't want to do any of this alone anymore.

      Will you travel?

      Yes. 100% yes. For weddings, sessions, all of it! We love to travel and be brought into people's environments to feel what they feel and see what they see. If you're interested in travel, let me know in the contact form and we'll figure out the details together. My wife tags along and helps shoot all domestic and international weddings/sessions.

      What's it like shooting with you?

      We've tried our best to create as comfortable of an environment as possible. We laugh, make jokes (especially "that's what she said" jokes), run, play games, and keep things casual. We'll ask you both questions, get you to relive the best moments of your relationship, and encourage you to let your guard down and just be yourselves. This is how we create something that's yours. Afterwards, we'll grab some food (usually pizza or burgers), and end the night with some kind of dessert. Truly, we have the best time.

      What is your turn around time?

      Engagement and lifestyle sessions are 2 weeks and weddings are 4 weeks. This is year round, busy season or not. I do my best to make sure that all your images are cared for, edited well for the basics (coloring and exposure), without changing a single bit of who you are as a person.

      Will you post our images online? Can we opt out?

      Yes, and yes. We proudly tell the stories of the people who we welcome into our business and love being able to bridge the gap of those who were in attendance and those who were absent on your behalf. Also, this is how the business continues to grow and more and more people see what we create together. If you'd like to keep your images private, a $5000 loss of revenue charge will be added to your wedding package to ensure your privacy.

      Will you dance?

      Celebrations and dancing go hand in hand, so you better believe it.

      How many photos do you deliver?

      Great question! It varies but normally engagement sessions can expect 150-250 images and weddings can expect between 600-900 depending on the amount of hours purchased.
      We try our best to be selective but also allow wiggle room for some that matter regardless of if they're perfect or not.

      Are engagement and anniversary sessions included in all packages? Are they exchangeable?

      Engagement and anniversary sessions are indeed included for free in each package that I offer. They are essential to you getting the most out of this journey. You're letting us in and letting us see these unique chapters in such an intimate way. Plus, it's great practice during your engagement session and on your anniversary session we will relive your wedding day and share stories of how the first year of marriage was and continues to be. With that being said, these sessions are a gift to you from us and do not hold any monetary value in the cost itself, therefore they are non-transferrable or able to exchange for another a-la-carte option.

      Can we create something custom if I don't see a package I need?

      Of course! We love it when people come to us with unique experiences for their invited guests, especially if they're weekend affairs with so many things to do for everyone. If you're interested in a custom weekend package, drop a note in the contact form and we'll create something that works. All custom packages will be built on a 9 hour wedding day package.

      How many weddings do you take on per year?

      Due to the highly relational method we take with each couple that comes our way, we take on around 17-20 weddings per year.

      How far in advance should we book you?

      On average, we are booked around 10-14 months from the wedding date.