your next step is quite simple,

      Remember, this is about trust. If you’ve looked through everything and you still have questions, I’m here to help. The last thing I want is for you to feel an overwhelming sense of pressure; you get enough of that from everyone else during this incredibly beautiful chapter that is engagement. What I will over communicate from day one is that this is about building something that you’re proud of and that you can’t wait to share with the ones closest to you. We do that through the process of an inclusive legacy and it’s the most beautiful process, working in tandem with this journey of building something with the love of your life. Let’s do this, we’re ready and we hope you are too.

      We will not be shooting weddings after 2019 and still have a few spots left on our calendar. If you’ve connected with what we do here, we’d consider it the greatest joy if we got to include you both in our last year.

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