I partnered with Toyota for a social media campaign that included use of the 2020 Toyota Corolla. The idea was to showcase how the new Corolla gives you more of . . . well everything. My wife and I took this car and hit the road and created content both for commercial and social media purposes. Enjoy a peek into the campaign that came as a result.


The great people at Ink Taco approached me for a full visual branding project. Partnered with one of the best designers in Charlotte, we set out to create something that complimented the already established brand identity. Ink Taco is a custom to order t-shirt production company based here in Charlotte, NC. The project included photographing their full available catalog of product, lifestyle imagery for website content, and overall lifestyle imagery for marketing/social media. You can find their website here for the full scope of the project.


Charlotte Radiology premiered their new “Find Your Reason” campaign this year and I was happy to come along for the campaign photography. The idea behind the campaign was “Find Your Reason” for regularly scheduled mammograms for their patients. Visually the campaign was bright, honest, and full of hope and joy for the people who find peace of mind throughout regular screenings and care.