Nicole and Chris // Thunder Hill, NC ENGAGEMENTS We hadn't really seen each other since high school, but it felt as though we hadn't skipped a beat. It's an amazing thing when you go from walking ... EXPLORE Ashley and Daniel // Cancun, Mexico WEDDINGS It's one thing to know someone, it's another to let yourself be known. As we were boarding the plane, I couldn't help but think back to my time with A... EXPLORE Cameron and Daniel // Raleigh NC WEDDINGS Cameron and Daniel's world is something beautiful to witness. We spent the day with them going between the Durham Hotel and the Cotton Room for their ... EXPLORE Steven and Brittney // Concord, NC WEDDINGS Brittney and Steven entered our lives through a few different channels. Life is a funny thing how it bends and turns on it's own to cross paths in one... EXPLORE 2017 | Year 5 BUSINESS 2017 was a year full of transitional fulfillment. Fulfillment is something I'm learning more and more about alongside the shattering of a proverbial b... EXPLORE How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer WEDDINGS It's all real. You're engaged, and now the craziest and most wonderful process of your life to date begins. The holidays have just finished and you... EXPLORE Hannah and Andy // Charlotte, NC WEDDINGS When Hannah and Andy first reached out to me describing their wedding, I knew I had to be on board. These two have a love that's fun loving, ecstatic,... EXPLORE Kristin and Oliver // Greensboro, NC WEDDINGS This love began oceans apart. When I first met with Kristin and Oliver, we had just met at the first location of their engagement session. When you me... EXPLORE Kimberly and Dan // Granby, CO WEDDINGS It's hard to know where to begin, so I'll start with the some facts. Kimberly and Dan met me at a wedding last year and we hit it off immediately. You... EXPLORE Ashley and Daniel // Charlotte, NC ENGAGEMENTS These two. Ashley and Daniel are two fiercely in love and chasing after one another with all that they have. Ashley has been a dear friend, and my ama... EXPLORE