Hannah and Andy // Charlotte, NC WEDDINGS When Hannah and Andy first reached out to me describing their wedding, I knew I had to be on board. These two have a love that's fun loving, ecstatic,... EXPLORE Kimberly and Dan // Granby, CO WEDDINGS It's hard to know where to begin, so I'll start with the some facts. Kimberly and Dan met me at a wedding last year and we hit it off immediately. You... EXPLORE Julia and Dylan // Mooresville, NC WEDDINGS A lot of times I find myself here at this screen, trying to put words to images that feel like they should speak for themselves. However, introduction... EXPLORE Scott and Emily // Wilmington, NC WEDDINGS It's incredible to build something with someone special. Scott and Emily have built not only a brand, but a life that they've only dreamed of living. ... EXPLORE Brad and Paige // Charleston, SC ENGAGEMENTS Do you ever have those moments where something is in front of you and you can't really pinpoint the words to express your gratitude for it? Or maybe i... EXPLORE Chris and Amanda // Asheville, NC ENGAGEMENTS For the last few years now, I've really pushed for my engagement sessions to be an adventure. An all day time that we spend together to where we can g... EXPLORE Jakub and Kaley // Boone, NC WEDDINGS It was a couple months before their scheduled wedding date when Kaley asked for a quick talk to finalize details of what was originally their engageme... EXPLORE Andrew and Ivey // Charlotte, NC WEDDINGS When it came time to meet with Andrew and Ivey, I found myself nervously excited. This was an old friend who had always wanted to bring me along in th... EXPLORE 2016 // A year in review BUSINESS 2016 was a whirlwind. I shot more, traveled more, wrote more, taught more, and experienced more than I ever had before and I noticed something. The co... EXPLORE Kathryn and Will // Asheville, NC WEDDINGS The three of us have known each other since high school. We walked the halls together as friends and now I got to see them take these same steps into ... EXPLORE