Year 7, our best year yet.

We began this year after an announcement we released about Brian Schindler Co. at the end of 2018. Hopeful, grateful, and looking to soak in every moment that laid before us for the weddings we’d shoot this year. And oh my gosh it didn’t disappoint in the slightest.

We found ourselves more local this year on purpose, we wanted to love on the city that’s loved on me and us so well and we focused on building those relationships even deeper with the people who brought us in. Some were the oldest of friends, some were the newest of relationships, and yet all of it felt like it was meant to be. We began this year in an old mill building and we actually ended it in one as well. Something I haven’t actually noticed until writing this, and how special it is that Sweet Hannah and I said our own “I do”s in an old mill. What a beautiful dose of serendipity.

Below you’ll find a collection of memories, embraces, kisses, poses, details, locations, and overall a whole lot of joy. Joy is one of the biggest things I find on every wedding day and it’s what I have always felt is the most important to preserve. Even in the sadness of loved ones who are absent, there’s joy. In the mourning of a father letting his daughter go, there’s joy in the trust that he has for who she’s marrying. In the tears of a mother dancing with her son because she can’t help but remember how he used to be young, there’s joy. Joy is the undercurrent, it’s the glue, it’s the magnetism that keeps people coming to weddings and always crying as the groom wipes tears away as his bride comes to him down an aisle. Joy is the substance that makes wedding days rich, regardless of budget.

Joy has been the currency that I’ve tried my best (and our best as a couple) to stock up on because it’s one of the only things in life that’s given freely and given for us to spend unendingly. So as you look upon these images, I hope that they bring joy. Not in a Marie Kondo kind of way, in a deep soul kind of way that pulls you closer and closer in to what’s taken place in our business in our last year of wedding photography. Because for us, it brings smiles, laughter, a tear to my eye, and unending gratitude.

To all the vendors that made this year possible. Every venue, florist, designer, planner, baker, caterer, you name it. All of you played such a key role this year and I couldn’t believe the teamwork that we felt each and every wedding day.

To all of our families that supported your loved ones on their wedding day, thank you for welcoming us as your ow. For making sure we were fed and for loving us and giving us the biggest hugs as we both said thank you as we exited your days.

To all of the couples who brought us in, you heard us say that we love you as we parted ways, and we mean every word of it. We love that you trust us, that you believed in us, that you honored us, and that you allowed us to stand by you and support the life that you’re all wanting to build together. Truly, we are so grateful and we love you all so much.

Without further ado, please enjoy this years Year in Review.

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forever grateful.