While I’ve known Lauren for years, knowing someone in a new phase altogether felt like we were meeting again for the first time. Engagement is an incredible season because it allows a new phase of life where you’re now known to be connected to someone in a promise. Pat and Lauren invited us up to their family cabin, to walk the grounds that they spend holidays on, into the living room where generations have spent time together, and all the while watching Jax the Golden create a rumpus in the woods while we all laughed. Adventuring around the mountains with them was such a blast and while quite cold, we found the pockets of stillness to let their love warm them up and be true and honest.

      As of right now, they’ll be the last wedding we photograph of our career and we couldn’t be more grateful to end it with two people who are so genuine, so kind, so selfless, and so full of life. Lauren and Pat, November cannot come soon enough!