This year was one of the craziest and most adventure filled years I (and we’ve) ever had. We spent more time on mountaintops, in the car, and on planes then ever before. In 2018 Brian Schindler Co. shot 21 weddings, 17 engagement sessions,  16 lifestyle sessions, 3 commercial campaigns, and did even more phone calls, text messages, emails than ever before. We spent this year in a constant state of finding balance; consistently trying to navigate the best year yet with a  new marriage and a new life together. We succeeded and failed in areas and we figured out what we needed to do next. And in complete transparency, this translated into our work in a beautiful way. You’ll see below moments both posed and organic, settings both vast and cozy, and parties both big and small. There’s a beautiful moment when you notice the balance because you begin to see what actually goes into wedding days. We experience both joy and sadness as we celebrate a new union and feel the loss of who might not’ve been there. We see eyes of a father who notice that his daughter is both grown up but still his little girl, as he holds the door open to the getaway car. We take note of a sister who’s been a best friend and now realizes she shares her sister with her spouse. We see in-laws celebrate because now the families that have grown up together are fully and completely family. And we see an intimacy that feels familiar and yet all the while, completely new.

. . . in the balance of it all.

And in this pursuit of balance we found a beautiful harmony. We learned that each of these things, each of these dichotomies, has a place and it’s supposed to fit together. Like a giant puzzle, these emotions, this life, and these experiences all weave a net of instant moments that, when you really take them in, can take your breath away. To all the couples and families who let us into this harmony in 2018, we cannot thank you enough. You brought to life a heart and side of our work that I didn’t even know was there. You let us in and trusted us to create something magical and now we get to share a small portion of that magic with the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Within this harmony of 2018 some amazing things happened:

– We photographed our 100th wedding!!
High Country Wedding Guide put is in their most recent issue with this beautiful wedding day (full blog and story to come)
– We were voted “Best Of” by The Knot for the second year in a row!
– And finally, we announced our retirement from the wedding industry after 2019!

Some favorite moments to look out for:
– Devon copying down his vows at the gazebo he’d soon stand under to vow forever to Amanda.
– Rachel’s dad holding the door open as he wishes his daughter and new son-in-law farewell.
– Jordan holding his dad’s hand as Faith walks down the aisle to him.
– Nicole holding her dad’s hand as he gives a speech that made the entire room cry.
– Amanda and her dad sharing the best joy in the room before he walks her down the aisle.
– Devin locking eyes with me as his groomsmen chat it up under the overhang before the ceremony.
– Chris getting helped by all his groomsmen at once.
– Lysa and Art serving their guests dessert at their reception.
– Gabby’s mom celebrating as she can finally call Connor her son-in-law after a lifetime of friendship.

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For an added experience, open this playlist and let it play through. It gives this entire thing a heartbeat that I’d love for you to hear. Again, we say thank you and can’t say thank you enough, 2018 was indeed one for the books and so without further ado, here is our 2018 recap: