I was beginning to put together a large post about 2018 and I’m glad that this wedding stopped me in my tracks all over again. Chris and Amanda are two of our very best friends, and their families are no exception. It’s easy to look at a beautiful wedding day and be enamored with the details, the location, and the look of everything. However, this wedding has a pulse to it that if you don’t look closely enough, you’ll miss it. Chris and Amanda had been dating since high school, their families were family to one another and have been for years, they chose an intimate wedding to spend days with the people who were closest to them and wanted everyone to feel celebrated, and they threw one heck of a party that no one wasn’t dancing at (even Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop).

However, there is one moment that always stands out to me and gets me every time. When Chris and Amanda were holding hands and praying around the corner, I told Chris it’s time to let go so we can go to the first look location. He couldn’t let go. His eyes welled up and he realized that he had waited long enough for this day to be here and for them to be husband and wife. In that moment, we scrapped the plans for the location and did the first look right outside of their hotel room because, well, it needed to happen. And to be honest, it’s one of our all time favorite moments of our entire career. So here’s to the moments that don’t necessarily happen as planned, the dance parties that go long into the night where even we put down our camera for an hour or two, and to a week in St Lucia with your best friends as they celebrate a new forever together.

Chris and Amanda, we love you guys so much.