They reached out and told us their story, and to be honest the rest is kind of history.

      Collin and Emily are two of those kind of people that just truly emulate the care and love they have for each other. What I’ve learned, in almost a decade of doing this, is that genuineness is fueled from how you love others. And how you love others is fueled by how you love those who are close. How you love those who are close is how you love yourself. Collin and Emily embody that kind of self-awareness. That’s the kind of sauce it takes when you’re doing a long-distance engagement. And these two have that sauce, that’s for sure.

      We ventured around the areas that they fell in love. The high country of North Carolina is something beautiful to behold, I’ll assure you of that, and these two made it feel like it was still this small intimate space that they owned. It was as if at one point, I forgot we were in a public space and envisioned them walking around their yard like this when they’re older, maybe even a kid or two in tow. That’s the power of sessions like these, and not because of where they are, but where their hearts are positioned when they come into it. So to Emily and Collin, we say thank you a thousand times over.

      We can’t wait for next year when we’re all dressed up and we’re witnessing you two promise forever with your dearest family and friends alongside you both. We consider it a gift and a privilege, and we can’t wait to see what we’ll create next.