This story is just too good, and we’re so thankful to be here for all of it.

Gabby and Connor have known each other since day 1. Literally, since day 1. They grew up the best of friends to the point where they called each other “cousins”. Which definitely made for some hilarious jokes up on this mountaintop. This kind of love that’s so rooted in trust is one of the best things to witness. It’s selfless, it’s kind, and everything is an inside joke.

Living this amount of life with someone holds somethings special. As we heard stories about studying abroad, family vacations, and even who liked who first, we couldn’t help but understand that this love has heritage. More so than just because they’re mom’s tried to make it happen since, again, day 1. It holds the stories of two families who’ve done everything together, and now they get to truly be family.

Heritage is a funny thing sometimes, because it’s so easy to keep and yet just as easy to lose. The stories, the memories, the people, all of these things build the history of our own lives. And Gabby and Connor have such heritage to pass on, we believe it’s going to always be everyone’s favorite story to tell.

That kind of gift is sacred, it’s something to hold close because it’s precious, and Gabby and Connor do that so well. From how they laugh together, to how they hold each other; each and every minute spent with them are minutes that we’ll cherish and learn from for a lifetime. Gabby and Connor, we can’t wait for your wedding day this October as we finally get to meet this family that’s helped foster this beautiful love. Please enjoy some photos from our time at Raven’s Roost Overlook.