Figuring out how to start this blog post left me sitting at my computer filled with gratitude.

Ryan and I have been friends for the last 7 years, so when he started to tell me about Harley I knew that we would find ourselves on this day. There’s something about the way someone talks about their loved one when they’re fully in love. The conversations aren’t about how they look, or what they give them, it tends to land about what they appreciate most about them.

Ryan and Harley truly have an appreciation for each other. They love watching each other in their element, how they work, and how they think. This intrigue goes deeper than just a fascination because it allows them to learn  from one another. Which in turn allows them to be challenged and bettered by one another just the same, each and every day.

We found ourselves at the epicenter of this appreciation when Harley and Ryan prayed with one another before the ceremony. It’s like time stood still. We still remember how Harley gently held Ryan’s hand as he tearfully thanked God for their wedding day, how Ryan couldn’t help but smile as soon as he heard his bride’s voice. Spectacular moments aren’t spectacular because of where they are, but because of what they’re created from. And that moment was created from something truly spectacular.

Throughout their wedding day we found ourselves surrounded by friends, family, and people who wanted everything for Harley and Ryan. That kind of community, that kind of intimacy among friends is something that’s not only special, but contagious when you’re around it. As we relive this day over and over we can’t help but be eternally grateful to know Harley and Ryan.

A huge thank you to the team that helped make this day happen as well:

Photography: Brian Schindler Co. // Venue: Winmock at Kinderton // Florals: Taylored Blooms // Cake: Tart Sweets // Caterer: Providence Catering // DJ: Christian Stropko // Video: Caravan