I remember getting Amy’s email when I was in Colorado for a wedding and couldn’t be more excited that they reached out to me. Not only were her words kind and genuine, but they allowed me to be a part of their story from the get go. These two have traveled the world together, and let me tell you they’ve got some hilarious stories, they’ve built a foundation together, and now they’re getting ready to spend forever together.

      Our time up on the mountain was beautiful; we spent the drive up being real, honest, and even letting them into our own marriage and life. Once we were there, we were golden. We watched them watch the sun go down and it was like we had been invited into a world all their own. The way Taylor holds Amy is nothing short of protective, and the way she looks at him is every kind of smitten. You can tell that this comfort is tried and true, and this honesty is something to marvel in.

      We get the joy of spending their wedding day at the same wedding venue we chose. We can’t wait to see how this day unfolds for the two of them because it will be in a place that means so much to us. Isn’t that what life is about? Sharing our experiences? Our places? Our most intimate moments?

      We look to these two not only with excitement but with a big space in our hearts for their dreams and for how they love. We remember this day as nothing short of hilarious, especially when I thought I lost my keys on a mountain-top (not a good feeling), to when we devoured taco bell like we were all college kids meeting up after finals. This life they’ve built is an adventure, and we are so thankful we’re on it with them. Amy and Taylor, we love you and can’t wait for this day to come.