We hadn’t really seen each other since high school, but it felt as though we hadn’t skipped a beat.

      It’s an amazing thing when you go from walking the halls of high school together as friends, to now almost 10 years later, be on a mountain top with my wife and her soon to be husband. Nicole and Chris are some of the good ones. Their appreciation for life is solidified in their appreciation for each other. Their stories seem to have no end, their laughter at/with each other is pure, and their love is deep.

      During engagement sessions theres always a pace, a rhythm, a beat (if you will), on how we work. It’s not complex, nor is it hard to get into, but when these two got out of their car as we met in the outlets parking lot, it’s like they were already a part of it. It was effortless. Real. Even to a point, it felt like second nature. Not just the posing, direction, or even the emotion, but the connection we all shared. Conversation was continuous, life was given by both sides to each other, and we left our time feeling so rejuvenated. So much so, it felt like we could’ve been on that mountaintop for days together.

      This is the connection that we crave with people who hire us, who let us in, and who allow us to tell their story. Welcomed in as an old friend, and in this case that’s exactly what we were, but its an invitation to the intimacy of connection. As people, we crave it daily, and in our business we strive to be conduits for it to happen regularly. So to you, Chris and Nicole, we say thank you, and we cannot wait for August to get here. A day where we’ll be in the high country again, all together, and experiencing that same connection with a lot more friends around. Let’s do this.