Brittney and Steven entered our lives through a few different channels. Life is a funny thing how it bends and turns on it’s own to cross paths in one direction, and then left turns for another. We could honestly sit and speculate as to the “whys and hows” of the paths that brought us to this moment, but instead we love letting this live on it’s own because it deserves it’s own. Brittney and Steven’s wedding was intimate, filled with fun, and built on the foundation of connection. They let the people who knew them in, invited people who knew they’d be there, and allowed connection old and new be present in helping them promise forever together. That kind of intimacy, that kind of invitation, is one that doesn’t ever go to waste.

      A wedding day is a massive undertaking, and yet there’s a beautiful simplicity to the process itself. These two embraced that process with a vice grip and let the simplicity of love be what speaks loudest not only on this day, but in their lives. They’re connected, heart and soul, and we experienced that in a new way last November. If you remember, we experienced it once on their engagement session, and to see how it’s grown since was the greatest treat. Kind of like the surprise cake you get after dessert. You’ve never experienced surprise cake? You’re missing out. On the other hand, you might just be missing out on knowing these two, so we hope that this peek into their wedding day will give you a peek into their lives as a whole. Brittney and Steven, we love you both a lot, and we cannot wait to see the next chapters unfold in the years to come. And we hope that we get to be there for a lot of them.