Cameron and Daniel’s world is something beautiful to witness. We spent the day with them going between the Durham Hotel and the Cotton Room for their wedding day. It was almost like these two places were built just for them. From the immaculate style of the Durham, to the classy and elegant Cotton Room, everything fit perfectly. When you have an intimate and evening wedding, something truly magical takes place. Everything seems to slow down and time stands still. Now, I know what you’re thinking, Brian everything stands still on every wedding day. That’s where you’re wrong. Some wedding days fly by, and some seem to never end, and this one landed perfectly in the middle.

Cameron and Daniel enlisted the help of the dream team of vendors to help make their wedding day truly magical. From florals, to her dress, each detail was carefully selected to take their guests from point a to point b with effortless elegance. We couldn’t help but love how everything flowed and how the evening felt as though we were guests, and not just people hired to be there. Cameron and Daniel have an ability to make anyone around them feel welcomed in as family. We talk a lot about that in our business and we even ask for that when we meet with clients, and these two didn’t hesitate when we first met. Our engagement session earlier in the year gave me the perfect picture of what to expect; simplicity, authenticity, and the most hilarious group of bridesmaids I think we’ve ever worked with. Cameron and Daniel, thank you for letting us enter your world, meet your people, and photograph this most important day of your lives. While our worlds are cities a part, know that we love seeing how your life is unfolding and we consider the highest of honors to have been there from this beautiful beginning. Best to you both, we can’t wait to see you again someday.

Venues: Durham Hotel and Cotton Room // Catering: Triangle Catering // Cake: Ashley Cakes // Florals: Meristem Floral // DJ: All Events DJ