This love began oceans apart. When I first met with Kristin and Oliver, we had just met at the first location of their engagement session. When you meet these two, you learn very quickly that their love is real, it’s pure, and it’s selfless. Kristin and Oliver seek to know those around them in intimate and tangible ways and it’s contagious. Not only do they let intentionality and their love of people drive their conversations, they listen with an intent that knows no bounds. Their wedding at the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro was an intimate celebration reserved for their family and closest friends. As you look through these, I hope that you see the stillness in the confidence that their sets of parents had. I’ve never been in such a room where the support and love was overflowing. When their parents both challenged them during the ceremony, I couldn’t hold it together. It was simply beautiful to witness.

      I could go on and on about how these two radiate joy and peacefulness, and how their families do the exact same. And I think I will. Kristin and Oliver welcomed me in as a best friend, someone who they trusted, and someone who they didn’t hold back when it came to our time together. As we approached them on the wedding day itself, we were greeted with hugs and that same intentional conversation that I had when we first met. They’re consistent, they’re inclusive, and they’re families are the exact same. There are a few moments that stand out to me about this wedding: Oliver and his brother praying together before the ceremony, Kristin and her sister getting her wedding dressed buttoned just right, and especially when Kristin and her dad danced together to their song. Oh, and because Oliver is English, they of course had a spot of tea after their cake cutting which was just wonderful. Feast your eyes, my friends, it was truly a day to remember.