These two. Ashley and Daniel are two fiercely in love and chasing after one another with all that they have. Ashley has been a dear friend, and my amazing hairdresser, for the last almost 6 years. We’ve seen each other at bests, worsts, and our conversations hit real deep even in that 30 minute appointment. These two and their love are deeply fortified in the vulnerable. They have this authenticity about them that surpasses the boundaries of “new friend”. They continually seek out how to better themselves alongside one another, never leaving the other behind. And all the while, they let people in and show their truest selves.

      This time with them was effortless. It was a gloomy evening with nothing but window light giving us what we wanted, cue romantic music. They laughed, they danced, and they even got that sweet dog Becks to join in the fun. Throughout each and every second I could see this spark between them continue to grow. It wasn’t the “fireworks” that people talk about, it’s this passion that is building day in and day out. Second by second, kiss by kiss, and eye glance by eye glance.

      We’re taking our last grand adventure this year with Ashley and Daniel and we cannot wait for the days to be soaked in the oceans of the gulf, the sunshine, and the beachside chips and guac. Because we all know, we’ll eat enough for everyone.