I walked into the apartment and was greeted like an old friend. Well, I am an old friend, Rodney and I may have been in the same high school prom group. But that’s another story for another time. This time and on this beautiful morning, I was there to see how they live and how they love. Zooey, their canine companion, greeted me with barks, licks, and more excitement than she knew what to do with.

      We spent the morning talking, listening to music, drinking coffee, and existing. A space was created for their love to shine and be showcased and in the simplicity of it all, you felt peace. A love that’s built on fortitude and strength is what these two have, and it’s something to look at closely. Laughs, jokes, “friends” references, and even more and more talk filled the morning well and even a to-go container of grocery store bacon. Rodney has quite the method for saving money and not actually cooking his own bacon, it’s genius. Something I might do myself one day.

      They live a life of simplicity where personality and relationships shine the brightest. In the clean and crispness of their apartment, character is at every turn. And all of this flows from the very depths of who they are as people and as friends. As lovers and as people who embrace life, every bit of it is felt as you walk through their front door and down the hallway. This is the kind of love we should be striving for, and this is the kind of love that we need to remember is easy to attain. All it asks is that we be present, vulnerable, and real. That’s what I took away from my time with Rodney and Amber and that’s what I’ll be clinging to for many years ahead.