These two fell in love years ago, and have been waiting for this day to come ever since. A Morning Glory Farm Wedding was how they celebrated, and it was the best. It never fails, I get asked a lot about what makes a good wedding, people have their assumptions but my response usually surprises them. Family, good food, and a party with dancing. That’s it, and that’s what these three focused on. It’s one thing to witness and to document, it’s another to be invited in and welcomed with open arms. It’s moments like at the end of the night Marco’s mom saying, “you’re going to come to Florida with them next time, right?”. It’s that one time when the wedding coordinator says “if you’re not up there with them, you’re going to miss it”. So I find myself at the altar next to these two, literally next to them, and it starts to click.

      For Lea and Marco, this is everything to them. Not this idea of what a wedding should be, it’s what their wedding and family was to them. It was a simple approach executed with the greatest of ease and beauty. It was them truly being who they are, and Lea’s family welcoming Marco’s family as their own. With open arms, ready to celebrate. Those are the kind of celebrations where I feel like what I do truly matters. In every sense of the word.

      This is what it’s about, this is the “why”, because of families like this who exist to simply make the world better. And trust me, they make the world better. In every way.