A lot of times I find myself here at this screen, trying to put words to images that feel like they should speak for themselves. However, introductions help, and it’s necessary to paint the entire picture. This is a snapshot, a longer one yes, but one that gives you a peek into the lives of Julia and Dylan. What you see here is a day that was unlike any other day. A day where light changed, it rained, a lot, and we danced the night away. In the in-between moments of this day you see something special and I hope you take notice of it. You see the love of their friends as Julia puts on her dress, the humor of Dylan’s groomsmen as he prepares for today, and an undercurrent of love as all of this unfolds.

This undercurrent can sweep you away if you’re not careful, it’ll take you to thoughts and ideas that take you away from the present. Dylan and Julia chose to stand firm and let this current sweep over them, to feel it, to listen to it, and to take note of what was in front of them as well. When plans have to change, when things don’t necessarily go as planned, we so easily get swept away in the worry and problem solving. Yet these two anchored themselves in who they were and in what this day was about, the promise that they are making to one another.¬†Look for the anchors, the moments that help you enter this day as Julia and Dylan have. They’re there, they’re real, and you’ll realize that this love that they have runs deep.

Running deep in this welcoming celebration, in this day filled with hope and love, and in a dance party like no other. To this day, I say “thank you”, and to Dylan and Julia, I’d do it all over again.

Venue: The Brawley Estate // Florals: Jimmy Blooms // Catering: La-Tea-Da’s // Band: ECE Fantasy