It’s incredible to build something with someone special. Scott and Emily have built not only a brand, but a life that they’ve only dreamed of living. With these two hand in hand, they set out to create a wedding environment that meant something. It welcomed people, it let them in, and it greeted all as family. Before I saw them in their gown and suit, we met over hot dogs and popsicles. Their fun loving and joyful spirit is contagious, their laughter is the stuff of legend, and their dreams together are nothing short of inspiring.

These two have worked so hard to build together, adventure together, and dream together. As they’ve built, the people around them have built them up. This consistent outpour was evident, even still, on their wedding day. Every minute or two, a new story was shared about how these two meant the world to each and every person around them. Lives like that fuel each other. It makes the other one better. And it never leaves the other one behind.

On this beautiful day in October of last year, these two pledged not only to love, but to strive for one another. Not just to be together, but to be better together. They promised to never settle and to always encourage the other one to reach higher. These are the kinds of values winning teams hold on to tightly. And these two are a winning team. As they venture into this new season of living right next door to the happiest place on earth (yes, seriously), I know that they’re still doing everything they vowed to do. Never settle, love fiercely, and consistently push the other one into what’s next. Scott and Emily, this day will always hold a special place in my heart. Love you both enough to fill Magic Kingdom 4 times over.

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A big thank you to all who were involved in making this day something special: Venue: 128 South Events and Catering // Florals: Salt Harbor // Dress: Watters // Suit: Zara // Print goods: Lattice Tree Studio // Rentals: L & L Party Rentals // Video: Caravan