You know you’re in the right kind of company when they greet you at the airport with a donut. Last year we met at a wedding and hit it off perfectly. Hearing their story, learning their love, and being there in the beginning stages makes this so much better altogether. Kimberly and Dan have the kind of love that takes you from safe places to finger guns in nothing short of 5 seconds. They know each other, they speak each other’s language, and their connection runs deep. Canyon deep. Maybe even Grand Canyon deep, but we didn’t have time to go to Arizona to check. So we headed to Austin for an unforgettable engagement session and time together.

      Our adventure started like many of my sessions do, with a meal. In reality, it’s usually burgers. These two made my job easy, effortless even. The company they give is genuine and heartfelt and leaves you wanting to be like them when you grow up. And there’s something special about a day that’s spent learning the ins and outs of someone’s relationship. Hearing the good and bad and where they succeed and where they improve. This is the connection I yearn and hope to make with everyone that comes along for this kind of ride, and Dan and Kimberly were no exception.

      In the midst of all the heat, the wardrobe, and the breaks in the car for A.C., something clicked. I hope you see it as I see it. It’s the instant where the guard that people hold up isn’t even around anymore. It’s the moment where you completely soak in what’s happening in front of you. The shift where boundaries and limitations don’t even cross your mind because all you think is that with this person, “I’m limitless”. This is the kind of love that Dan and Kimberly have, and this is the kind of love that we should admire and pursue on our own. This is the selfless love that we all dream about.

      I’ll see you two shortly, on a mountain top, and we’ll all be dressed up.