When you’ve been shooting long enough, you begin to look past how people talk to each other. You look directly at how they communicate without saying words. When you listen to how they touch, how they hold each other, that’s when you listen to the connection. This connection that has stood the test of time, the one that allows for a safe place, this connection that creates a space to exist without boundaries. This connection runs deep.

      When you focus on this connection, you can visualize things so much better. You can see the future because you feel the present. The future that holds a life together, a family, and a future that at once might have seemed impossible. And then you realize that the future is what’s holding you and keeping you safe in the first place. It is evident to see that Kristin and Oliver have that future. This connection that they have is priceless, and is something that they treasure. It’s uninhibited, it’s raw, and it will grow day in and day out. When you realize the dream is a reality, that’s when you own it. When you own it, you feel it. And when you feel it, you treasure it.

      Kristin and Oliver, I treasure what I got to witness between the two of you. We cannot wait to see you in a few shorts weeks as you tell everyone about this connection and vow to keep it for forever.

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