Do you ever have those moments where something is in front of you and you can’t really pinpoint the words to express your gratitude for it? Or maybe it’s a moment where something feels right but yet, it’s still so surreal that it’s truly alive and thriving? Those are two questions and realizations I have continually when it comes to my friends Brad and Paige. You see, I have known these two separately, together, and even when we were indeed “the three best friends that anyone could have”. A lot has happened in the past 4 years of our friendship. We have grown together, seen each others best and worst, laughed hilariously at countless jokes, and made some of the greatest memories as we’ve all walked our roads with ministry. Plainly put, we’ve been inseparable. When it came for these two to, finally, date it felt so right. Their friendship was the stuff of legends and now it only made sense for it to grow into what it is now.

Hannah and I cherish these two with the upmost heart and love because they are family to us. That’s what happens when you let people in, they become way more than you ever thought possible. To Paige, my unofficial little sister, this is the best “yes” you’ve ever made and I couldn’t think of anyone better for you. Love him, support him, and keep him close. To Brad, my unofficial South African brother, she is your greatest gift and one that I know you have waited for your whole life. Protect her, honor her, and continue to love her as I’ve always prayed for someone to love her.

These two get married tomorrow and we are so thankful to be able to stand by their side as they continue on, what I’m quickly learning is, life’s greatest adventure. Friends like these two come along once in a lifetime and they’re meant to be cherished. So Brad and Paige, know that Hannah and I cherish you to the upmost degree. We cannot wait to visit, laugh, challenge, support, and grow old together. We love you guys so much.