Here’s a fact: the best engagement sessions end with pizza, friendship, and nutter butter popsicles.

      Kyle and Rachel are some of the most genuine, heartfelt, and phenomenal people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. As we were venturing around Rome, GA, you could feel their friendship. If there’s something I’ve learned about love in the past year is that friendship is key, it’s the biggest piece. It’s what all this is built on. Seeing them have fun, joke around, poke fun at each other, laugh hysterically, and everything in between made their embraces that much better. A lot has changed in the past few years of my business but my approach and heart have remained the exact same. These two gave a new life blood as they connected with it from the beginning. When I said I wanted to be their friend, they opened their arms. When I asked hard and honest questions, they brought vulnerability and truth to the surface. It’s in the midst of all this collaboration that I learned how amazing this job is and what a privilege it is to be included in so many people’s stories. Thank you, Kyle and Rachel, for giving me the chance to be included in your story. Let’s kill the dance floor together later this year, sound good? Perfect.