4 years ago, I was talking with Ben and he said that one day, I’d shoot his wedding when he got married to Abby. Mind you, I don’t believe they were even officially dating at that time. Fast forward to today, and they’re wedding is in 2 short months and the 3 of us will venture around the mountains yet again, but this time they’ll be in wedding garb vowing forever to one another. Pathways have such a fascinating way of leading us to places that we honestly didn’t think would happen. Not that I didn’t think they’d end up together, but that I’d be around still to tell their story. Or that they’d even want me to do so even after all that time. People like Ben and Abby are ones that are going to make such a monumental difference in the world around them because of one thing: their love for people stems from their love for each other. They push each other, encourage each other, love one another selflessly, and have done any and everything to make their relationship better. All you need is a 20 minute conversation with them to know each of those facts is undeniably true.

      As we hiked around these mountains, laughed, joked, cried (a little), and heard more about their love for one another, I couldn’t help but be thankful that even after 4 years, they stuck to their word. People like them are ones that I want to stick around for a long time and I’m so thankful that I don’t have to go far to reach them, because they’re just the kind of people who treat everyone like family. Ben and Abby, I can’t wait for the next time that we’re all together, dancing the night away and laughing our heads off because you know Ben and I will sass up that dance floor. That’s for sure.