It was a couple months before their scheduled wedding date when Kaley asked for a quick talk to finalize details of what was originally¬†their engagement session. She talked about how Jakub and her just couldn’t wait to be married, that they wanted to go ahead and take the plunge together and let their life move forward as they wanted it and not wait for a specific day to say that they were “ready”. As soon as she talked about that day turning into a ceremony with just their parents, I was hooked. She knew the exact spot, this was the place that they spent their first day trip. The mountains of NC, specifically Boone, hold a lot of weight to these two because these peaks and valleys are where they spent time long distance, adventuring, and getting to know one another. In the midst of a new and exciting place, where they decided to vow forever to one another felt like home. Like we were in their living room of their house, waiting to eat dinner. This estranged familiarity was welcoming, new, and excitingly peaceful all at the same time. As they said their vows, their parents prayed, and we took the next hours to photograph around these mountains, it all felt right. It felt as though belonging grew with each passing second and that the mountains themselves were smiling with these two as they celebrated their new “together”. The giggles, the hugs, the kisses, and the quiet moments in-between all of it was nothing short of legendary. Jakub and Kaley, thank you for letting me into your lives, into your love, and for letting me be a part of what has continued to be one of my most favorite days to date. Please, enjoy.