When it came time to meet with Andrew and Ivey, I found myself nervously excited. This was an old friend who had always wanted to bring me along in this journey as she married her person. This was the beginnings of a reconnection and a new friendship and I could feel it from the very moment we stepped into that viva chicken. Okay, maybe the french fries and green beans had something to do with it, but in all seriousness I couldn’t wait to be included in their journey. What started as an engagement session and first time meeting getting rained out, to a morning together before they went to work, and now to this day as I closed out 2016 photographing their beautiful day.

A lot goes into a wedding, there’s decorations that change last minute, locations that bring new rules that you didn’t realize, and even dresses and shirts that might have to be fixed. However in the midst of all of those minute details, the larger portion is what Andrew and Ivey were extremely proud of, the people. The ones that they brought along with them, the people who came to an aide to celebrate, fix things, solve problems, and allow them to truly enjoy the day that they set out to allow everyone to experience with them. Not only were they all helpful and loving, but they were a blast to be around. Something special happens when it’s the right mixture of bridesmaids and groomsmen, or in this case slaymaids and goonsmen, and it couldn’t have been better.

Amidst the greenery, portraits, stone, lights, and good dance moves; I hope you see this wedding as I saw it. A celebration with the people who knew them best and who will know them best for the rest of their days. These are what inclusive legacies look like and I am so glad that Andrew and Ivey decided to help create one together.