A couple days into 2014 and some exciting things are starting to happen already.

      If you’re a friend of mine on facebook or if you follow me on instagram, you’ll have seen that Instagram has featured me as a suggested user. I’m speechless, it’s incredible to be honored alongside some of the best users on instagram. Second, we’re in the final countdown (well almost) of when I get to travel to Playa Mujeres to photograph these two on their beautiful wedding day in the Mexican sun. With all of this already running through my mind, setting goals for myself seemed difficult. But when I sat down, wrote out everything from last year that happened, both good and bad, I realized that this year has the potential to be my best year yet. 2013 brought so much to the plate. New friendships, new connections, new lessons, old lessons learned new ways, victories, blessings, struggles, battles, and everything in between. It’s hard to even begin to process everything that happened, but that’s the beauty of my job. I get to look at everything that’s happened and remember almost every moment. So with everything documented, delivered, backed up, and blogged, here’s where I’m hoping I’m headed in 2014.

      2014 Goals
      Travel – I tell myself this every year. But this time I’m serious, because as lovely as Charlotte is, it’s time for some new views. Most places are only a couple hours away, especially if you’re up for a road trip. Even when I travel for weddings, I want to set aside time for a couple personal days here and there. On the desired list are NYC, Tennessee (more than usual), Seattle (my friend Shawn just moved there, so it’s going to happen), Colorado, and maybe a couple day trips to Boone and Asheville.
      Music – From the beginning, Music has played a huge part in my life. From classical piano, chorus, concerts, and all the rest of the things. My goal is to attend hopefully 1 concert per quarter. Pentatonix is up first in February. It’s going to be off the heezy.
      Food/Nutrition – For those who know me, they know that I have an unadulterated love of all things food. Tasting, cooking, baking, and even drinking. Food is an art form, one that all should appreciate. However, I’m usually the one watching food network eating a bowl of grape nuts and always feeling the urge to cook like they do. Well, enough is enough. Also, my family bought a Vitamix this past Christmas. Probably the best decision ever for us. Lots of delicious smoothies (kale, anyone?) and soups (yes, this blender cooks soup) have already been devoured and many more to come.
      Books – My brother John is one of the most well read people I think I’ve ever met. Every year, he gives me some form of christian living or fiction book and I’ve felt the guilt of not reading them for too long. I even tried a 12 in 12 list last year and failed miserably. But I’m going to now start re-allocating the time I spend watching TV, mindless hours on YouTube, and even my MarioKart time to spend on reading these wonderful books he’s given me.

      Ownership – It’s my goal, before my first wedding, to become a sole proprietor of my business. From there, everything else will follow. More efficient taxes, an accountant (already there), insurance, etc.
      Branding – This has been a struggle for me since the beginning. However, it’s coming to an end. I’m not changing things from a main logo standpoint, but a refreshed blog, business cards, and other print pieces will be in place soon. I’m really, really excited about this one.
      Shooting – Last year, my goal and prayer was to shoot double digit weddings. God provided in such a huge way and brought 10 weddings my way. This year, I’m hoping to shoot between 10-15 for the 2014 wedding season.
      Comfort Zone – For so long have I had dreams of shooting things alongside weddings. Food being the main one. I’ve got the connections I need, now it’s just time to pursue the dreams I’ve let live on the low for too long.
      Learn – This year I’m going to attend at least 1 workshop that’s out of state. I learn from my friends in this industry every day, but a workshop will give me a total overhaul of an experience.
      Featured – It’s never been at the forefront for me to pursue a feature. However, being featured can honestly be the highest of compliments as a photographer. I would love to be featured here and here.

      So here’s to 2014. I’m believing that it’s going to be the best year yet. And because every post needs photos, here are some more from an upcoming story on Not Just Coffee.

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