Hello! My name is Brian. And that’s Hannah.

My heart’s conviction is to be involved in the best ways possible and to be there for when things are truly real in someone’s life. My passion for story telling and for being inclusive stems from the idea that everyone could use a good friend. For a day, for a lifetime, and for everything in-between. And for us to succeed in an effort to build an inclusive legacy, our friendship is vital. It has to exist, it has to be organic, and it has to be alive and real. Tangible and authentic relationships are where true trust is built and cultivated. And at the intersection of authenticity, friendship, trust, and collaboration is where I’ve landed my business and my heart for the people I work with. I hope you come along for the journey, it’s awesome.

To help begin our friendship, I’ve compiled a list of some things I think you should know:

I believe in unending and unconditional love.
I believe I am saved by a wonderful Jesus.
I believe in my family.
I believe in those around me.
I believe in you and your marriage.
I believe that your wedding day should be organic, real, and emotionally wonderful.
I believe in dance parties, especially the kind where you rip your pants.
I believe in breakfast, because it’s breakfast.
I believe in a fresh and delicious cup of coffee, every day.
I believe in the intimacy of sharing a meal amongst friends without technology.
I believe in pursuing what you want, how you want.
I believe in learning from every experience.
I believe in movie marathons.
I believe in laughing so hard that your sides hurt.
I believe in the fact that all of us hunger to feel accepted, valued, and pursued.
I believe that excellence is found in simplicity.
I believe in the greatest kinds of adventure, and that they can happen anywhere.
I believe in striving to be the best kind of friend I can be.
I believe in a world where people are honest, loving, and selfless.

I’d love to get to know you so please, drop by the contact page and shoot me an email! Coffee is on me.


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photos of us by Julia Wade